Born 31 March 1979 in Odessa, Oekraine former (U.S.S.R)
1991 Emigrated with his family to Israёl


2003-2007 ArtEZ academy of Arts and Design ,department Fine Art, Arnhem, The Netherlands


2008 Erwin Olaf, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Awards & Nominations:

2011 IPA (International Photography Award), Honorable Mentions, USA
2010 Winner "Master CUP Award", International Color Awards. USA
2010 Nominated "B&W - Spider Award", UK
2009 Winner "Tarbut", National Competition, Israёl
2009 IPA (International Photography Award), Honorable Mentions, USA
2009 PX3 (Prix de la Photographie Paris Competition), Honorable Mentions, French
2008 IPA (International Photography Award), Honorable Mentions, USA
2008 Finalist, Shots Competition, London, UK
2007 Nominated "Art Olive"- Jong Talent 07, The Netherlands


NCCA - National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow, Russia


2011 "Pyramida", Contemporary Art Center, Haifa, Israёl
2010 FotoLoft gallery, Winzavod, Moscow, Russia
2010 Dutch Art Now,The National Arts Club, New York City, USA
2010 Realizme 10, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2009 Eduard Planting Fine Art Photographs, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2008 Millionaire Fair, rep. Moscow, Russia
2008 LAK-galerie, Universiteit Leiden, Leiden, The Netherlands
2008 Extravaganza, Manege, Moscow, Russia
2008 RH-08, Grote Kerk, Breda, The Netherlands
2008 International Biennale for Young Art, Contemporary Art Center: "Winzavod", Moscow, Russia
2008 Radboud Universiteit, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
2007 Domstad, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2007 Gallery Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2007 Gallery Newuntitled, Venlo, The Netherlands
2007 Theater aan de Rijn, Arnhem, The Netherlands
2006 Gallery Magenta, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
2006 Foto-Lux, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
2003 The Marc Chagall Artists’ House, Haifa, Israёl


2011 AT magazine, interview, Israёl
2010 FHM magazine, interview, Russia
2010 Pasajes Diseno magazine, Spain
2010 Israeli film festival magazine, The Netherlands
2010 Courrier International, Paris, French
2010 DIGIFOTO-Pro magazine, interview, The Netherlands
2010 NRC Weekblad, interview, The Netherlands
2009 Foto & Video Magazine, Moscow, Russia
2009 RTV International, TV interview, Israёl/Russia/USA/Europe
2009 Channel 9, broadcasting, Israёl
2009 Trendsetter Magazine, Turkey
2009 OAK Magazine, The Netherlands
2009 Cultprosvet Magazine, interview, Oekraïne
2009 Shots directory, London, United Kingdom
2008 180 Magazine, Canada
2008 Arte Al Limite Magazine, interview, Santiago, Chile
2008 RH-08, book project, The Netheralnds
2008 Portfolio Magazine, Russia
2007 Eigen Huis & Interieur, The Netherlands
2006.Moooi catalog, The Netherlands

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