Older works 2005-2007 The Ark Red Devil Karakal Girls
...I use a lot of extremes and contrasts like life, survival and death, light
and dark side of human life, love and hate; which are, in fact, all aspects of life.They can be
interwoven with each other, and they sometimes are forcing you to make decisions; they can bepositive but also be negative.The most recurring themes are the power of women (a woman is a creator of life & death)
...Every person in "The Ark" has closed eyes, everyone is focused on his inner self, has his own perception of the environment. At that moment of personal relaxation and returning rest, every person is creating an ideal world for oneself, a moment of being in paradise, a moment in eternity. That even before death of the individual. The portraits create an image of intense sleep.... ...In the series Red Devil, I translated the power of woman in a mythological way. The series is inspired
by the mythological figure “Lilith”. In different stories and beliefs she varies from the first woman of
Adam until “night ghost”, symbol of desire and sexual temptation, and even as the goddess of evil. In
the course of centuries a lot of artist took Lilith as theme.....
.....In the series "karakal girls" you see actually the same theme as I showed in “Red devil”, which is the
power of woman. The difference is that in Karakal Girls I searched the translation of that theme more
in my environment. It is more personal and it’s a present-day issue. It’s about woman soldiers, who
serve in the part of the Israeli army; Karakal....
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